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Trucker Cap Beige

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Precio: $ 90.000

$ 90.000

Design curve five (5) panels with front reinforcement and plastic closure.
• Polyester bias stamped with the brand that cover seams.
• Lower inner strip around the hem of the cap in the same fabric.
• Two (2) breathers embroidered in thread to the tone of the fabric.
• Lined metal button on the top of the cap.
• Non-deformable and anatomical visor.
• Six (6) stitching on the visor in matching thread.
• Plastic adjustment that allows you to adjust the size of the cap for a perfect fit adaptability and comfort.
• Label on the inside of the cap.
• Comfort for extended wear.
• Design that provides comfort with minimal weight, which does not cause discomfort in the user.
• Can be washed and dried on a gentle cycle without damaging or changing shape.
• Do not apply paints or solvents.
• Various factors such as cold, heat, chemicals, sunlight or improper use affects the useful life of the cap.
• This cap is not made of materials that can cause allergies.
However, if a sensitive person does have a reaction, leave the area dangerous, remove the cap and consult a doctor.
• 100% Polyester.
• 100% polyester biases in seams.
• 100% Nylon label with product composition, size and specifications of washing.
• 100% woven warp label

• Contour: 58 cm
• Depth: 16.5 cm



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